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Dozens learn to lobby in Bruce County

Dozens of members and pensioners in the Bruce County area turned out for SEP’s latest session on how to lobby your elected officials.

Canadian Labour Congress’s Erin Harrison and Ontario Federation of Labour’s Melisa Bayon trained about 40 Bruce Power and OPG Local members and pensioners in attendance. With briefings on the efforts to stop Bill C-27 and support the Make It Fair campaign, members were split up into small groups to roleplay using the lessons they had just learned on how to conduct a meeting with an elected official.

Bruce Power Local Vice President Mike Gade said he thinks the 40 attendees are ready to have face-to-faces with their representatives, especially on Bill C-27, which is a threat to SEP members’ pensions.

“They’re definitely ready,” said Gade. “Here in the Bruce region we all share the same Member of Parliament so I can’t wait to invite our MP, Ben Lobb, to hear from us.”

Apr 20, 2017