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Contest: Charter of Inclusive Workplaces and Communities

December 18, 2019

The Society recently re-launched our Charter of Inclusive Workplaces and Communities. We have posters of the Charter available so you and your colleagues can show that you embrace our rich diversity. If you haven’t seen one of the posters in your workplace, talk to your Society delegate.

As part of promoting the Charter, the Society has a fun contest for members that could win your entire delegate group a catered lunch with Society President Scott Travers. Read on for details.Charter of Inclusive Workplaces and Communities

The Society launched our first Charter in 2017 after the Quebec mosque shooting that shook our country and called attention to the devastating consequences of discrimination. At that time, Society members throughout the province put up posters that declared their support for inclusive workplaces and communities free from discrimination in all its forms.

We know the Charter made Society-represented workplaces better and safer by clearly showing anyone who might harbour discriminatory views that those views will not be tolerated. But we also know that incidents of hate and discrimination in Canada and other parts of the world have been on the rise in recent years. It is with tragedies caused by hate in mind that we look to redouble our efforts to build stronger bonds between us that accept and embrace diversity in all its forms.


Win a catered lunch for your delegate group

Once you have put up your group’s posters with the Charter of Inclusive Workplaces and Communities, encourage your colleagues to join you for a photo showing your support for the Charter. The group that has the highest percentage of their members participating in the photo will receive a free catered lunch with Society President Scott Travers and your local representatives for the entire Delegate Group. If there is a tie for the highest participation rate the winning group will be the one whose photo has the most spirit, as judged by the three principal officers (President, Secretary-Treasurer and Executive Vice President). If your delegate group includes members who do shift work at different hours (i.e., control room workers), you may submit multiple photos and have each distinct member who appears in a photo with the Charter counted toward your percentage of participating members.

To enter the contest, submit your group photo along with the names of the members in the photo to [email protected] by January 20, 2019. Submitted photos may be shared by the Society on social media or used for promotional purposes.

To learn more about the Charter and to request a poster in your workplace please talk to your delegate. If you aren’t sure who your delegate is all you have to do is login to the Members Portal at and go to the Your Local link.

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