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Conference brings the global labour movement to Toronto

May 5, 2016

Trade unionists from around the world will converge in Toronto from May 6-8 for the LabourStart conference at Ryerson University. Society members are invited to attend.

The conference theme is Migration, Climate, Precarity: Connecting Our Struggles and Strategies. Dozens of workshops will be available to participants. Sessions range from skills building to profiling some of the labour movement’s ongoing local and global successes to labour movement history.

Society Staff Director Derek Blackadder has played an integral volunteer role in organizing the bi-annual LabourStart conference and says that this year’s conference is set to build on past successes.

“Whether a curious, new or experienced unionist, LabourStart has something for you,” said Blackadder. “Our workshops are focused on the most pressing issues facing labour around the world. Syrian refugees are at the top of public awareness but there are migration issues facing people around the globe — we’re going to unpack what’s happening now and what we have to do next. Climate justice is integral to humanity’s future so we’re looking at how labour can be part of that vital movement. And precarious work is plaguing everyone from agricultural workers to professionals so we’ll be looking at how to win secure working conditions for all.”

“Most important,” Blackadder continued, “we will be looking at all of these issues and our global responses to them as deeply interconnected to one another.”

Attendees will also have the chance to develop skills to help them in their activism. Among that stream of workshops are lessons in digital media, film, podcasting and corporate research methods.

Click here to register for the conference. The $50 admission fee is payable at the door.


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