Ask the Premier to keep her word on Pickering 2024

Pickering Nuclear Generating Station supports the continued reliability of the Ontario electricity system, the life extension programs at Bruce Power and Darlington generating stations, provides low-cost and low emission power, and supports our economy with thousands of local jobs.

On January 11, 2016, the Ontario Government announced that Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering nuclear facility would operate until 2024 as a critical element of Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP). The announcement was then reiterated in the 2016 Speech from the Throne.

Now, after many delays, we expect the provincial government will release its next LTEP this fall. What the new LTEP says about the fate of Pickering NGS will once again directly impact more than 4,000 jobs, including those of 1,200 Society members.

This decision to extend Pickering operations until 2024 was made by the Premier and her government following extensive cost-benefit analyses and consultation with energy experts, including The Society.

Despite all the evidence, there remain powerful interest groups that want to see all these benefits disappear.

Politicians have become more and more involved in making decisions that used to – and still should – be made by experts. This political interference has led to costly mistakes in Ontario’s energy sector.

It is imperative to make sure that our positive message is heard, as anti-nuclear groups are doing their own lobbying and spreading misinformation related to this decision and to the important role of the Pickering facility.

We must continue to speak up to prevent another costly mistake.

Click here to send an email to the Premier and the Minister of Energy and ask them to keep their word on Pickering 2024.