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Bruce relicensed, Darlington up next at CNSC

June 29, 2015

With The Society’s support, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) renewed Bruce Power’s reactor operating license for generating stations A and B. The renewal means that Bruce can operate beyond 210,000 equivalent full power hours up to 247,000 EFPH.

Society president Scott Travers and Bruce Power Local Vice President Mike Gade gave submissions to the Commission on April 15 in support of the renewal. In speaking to Bruce Power’s impressive safety record and ongoing commitment to safe operations, Travers and Gade highlighted the role of the union in creating a formal and active internal responsibility system. The Society also expressed its commitment to holding management accountable if ever they wavered in their dedication to safety.

Bruce Power’s license will be up for renewal again in 2020.

With the Bruce’s hearings wrapped up, hearings on OPG’s Darlington station license renewal get under way on August 19 with the second part, including submissions from interveners, running November 2-5. This is a prime opportunity for Society members to advocate as private individuals, rather than employees representing their employer, on behalf of their work. To register to make a submission to the CNSC, click here and submit your registration no later than September 28, 2015.

CNSC licensing hearings are streamed online and available to the public at

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