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Become a member of the Pensioners’ Chapter

Members who are retired or nearing retirement are encouraged to join The Society’s Pensioners’ Chapter.

The chapter has access to grievance rights, providing input into collective agreement renewal, is included in meetings with management regarding pensions, and has a representative on The Society’s board of directors. Additionally, the Pensioners’ Chapter works with the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Pensioners to amplify pensioners’ voices on key public policy issues affecting Canadian pensioners and retirees.

Membership in the chapter is open to retirees or their surviving spouses of any Society bargaining unit, those who left The Society before retirement, those on long-term disability or a bridge to retirement (Member Pending Retirement), and members who terminated their employment before eligibility for a pension  (Member with a Deferred Pension).

Dues are waived for the first year for all members (Members Pending Retirement do not pay dues until one year after their retirement) and it is $24 per year following.

To become a member, fill in the application form now.

Sep 22, 2016