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And the winner is...

July 26, 2017

When SEP launched the Charter for Inclusive Workplaces and Communities it came along with a contest. The delegate group with the most members who submit a selfie with the Charter would win a catered lunch for the whole delegate group. 

The winner is Delegate Group 4304, which submitted 11 selfies. 4304 is comprised of 25 members who work out of Ontario Power Generation’s 700 University Ave. office in Toronto.

Marilyn Harrington, Patricia Henry, Jeya Segarajasingam, Judy MacDonald, Guliana Cinti, Sachin Quadros, Kelvin Chan, Faisal Ali, Bill Eng and Pedro Montiel all submitted photos with special acknowledgment to Maryam Mohammad for submitting her own photo and coordinating the group’s submission. 4304 is a group served by Unit Director Susan Sloan.

The contest was created to encourage members to talk to their colleagues about the Charter, the value of inclusive workplaces and communities, and what everyone can do to end all forms of discrimination, including racism and Islamophobia.

The importance of this initiative was underscored by the results of the 2017 member survey conducted by Environics Research. The survey found that 1 in 4 members who identify as being from an equity-seeking group (including people who identify as non-white, Aboriginal, LGBTQ, as having a disability, etc.) report experiencing discrimination in the workplace within the last two years. Additionally, 1 in every 10 women reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace within the last two years.

“Though the contest is a fun way to encourage discussion about inclusive workplaces the issues at hand are very serious,” said SEP President Scott Travers. “A healthy and safe workplace is one free of discrimination and harassment. We all have a role to play in that and I hope that’s what all members take away from this initiative.”

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