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16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign - Day 11

December 5, 2022

Day 11:


On the 11th day of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we are highlighting strong statements of support and allyship from positions of leadership within our organization. Today, we have statements from Society central executive team.


“I continually strive to create a safe environment for my children at home, at school, and in the community. I take an active role in raising them both to be kind, loving, and caring souls who I hope will do the same with those they engage with on their life’s journey. I work to strip away toxic masculinity and gender-based discrimination when I encounter it, thereby helping to create more safe spaces for women and girls so that active listening can be nurtured and flourish, and when needed action taken to try to help to make their lives better. I stand against rape culture and promote the absolute necessity and understanding of consent. I’ve taken action to help woman’s shelters across Ontario, and as your EVP facilitated donations on our member’s behalf to help many organizations, in various communities, so that they can remain strong and available for woman, girls, and children in need – and I will continue to do so.”

Chris Graham, Society Executive Vice-President


"I was a preparing to write the P.Eng. exam when news broke of the Montreal Massacre. I was profoundly saddened by the violence against young women for daring to study engineering. In the year that followed, professional engineering organizations did some deep soul searching to try to understand their part in the tragedy and to tackle sexism in education and the profession. Often against strong resistance. I remember a letter to the PEO magazine from a member who said that there wasn’t any sexism in engineering and that the attack was because the perpetrator’s mother worked. I made a presentation at a forum where I discussed being often the only woman in my work group or meeting. And this December 6, as I have annually since that day, I will wear a white scarf in memory of my sisters who didn’t get the chance to live out their goals."

Laurie Reid, Secretary-Treasurer


“Violence against women and girls needs to stop. In my younger years, I was a victim of violence by my intimate partner. That was over 20 years ago yet this type of violence continues to exist today. 

No woman or girl should ever be a victim of violence, and society needs to ensure that they are not alone. We all have to come together to bring about change in order to break the silence. When you witness violence against women and girls, don’t sit back, act!”

Michelle Johnston, Society President

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